I’m blogging because…..


I want to and have wanted to for a few years now. I wanted to be three things when I was younger.

1) Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen . I wanted to paint and decorate and make things beautiful. I wanted to revamp crappy old stuff and create multi-coloured barcodes on walls. I wanted to do all this wearing the most outlandish stand out clothes I could so people knew it was me. So I came to London, on holiday but let my cousin talk me into checking out all “Llewelyn” related courses up the road at LSBU. There were loads! Did I sign up? Nope! A 4 year course is to long for me Deb, I won’t be here that long……….15yrs later…..still here….coulda done it 4 times over. *sigh* (I did do loadsa C&G courses in the end though)

2) Indiana Jones. Yep….he (still) is soooo cool and I still wanna be him. Going on adventures, finding cool stuff…the unofficial superhero of antiques and mythical things that need saving.

3) A Writer. I’ve always loved books. I love reading them and I want to write them, one day. I like writing to. I am a list maker, a collector of fancy notebooks and pretty pens with all big plans to fill them with weird and wonderful, deep and meaningful stories. I will write for young and for old. So here I am, a technophobe, trying to make her way in the world of blogging. A step onto the ladder of writing maybe…..hopefully. I gotta start somewhere and since becoming a Mammy I’ve found I have a phone in my hand a whole lot more, so why not use it to try and accomplish one of my dreams and write?! (That makes me sound like I ignore my child, I don’t….but that’s a post for another day).

So guys, I ask ya to bear with me on this, I’m a newbie but with the help of my lovely, tech-savvy friends (Courtney, Ash…kiss kiss) I’ll get this!


Donna x


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