Can I be your Spacefriend too?

If like me you have a small monkey, it’s most likely Sky+ and apps like Netflix & 150507124458ShowBox are your new best friend, if of course you get a minute to actually sit and watch them. Most of my viewing is done between the hours of 9.30 annnnnd dawn. My daytime tv consists of, and this is if we’re not out gallavanting or creating of course, mostly Nick Jr or Comedy Central orrrr jayzus sports channels. Anywho, somewhere between 8 and 9, in the twilight between Peppa and Max & Ruby, a “filler inner” cartoon comes on. You seen it? It’s…ah ooh …just remembered it’s called Big Block Sing song. I find it very strange…I mean the teeth one is pretty good…”if you never brush, n you’re always in a rush, your teeth will end up in an ugly pile of mush”….but the bat one and especially the Spacefriend one baffle me. I’ve grown to like them and small monkey seems to enjoy them but I really feel like I need to have had smoked a doobie to fully appreciate them!

Does anybody else feel like that?

*Big Block Sing Song by Warren Brown & Adam Goddard*


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