My Charity Shop whinge!

Hmmm! Now this is a pet peeve of mine, it bugs the life outta me. Maybe it’s just the area I’m in, actually I think it is, Knightsbridge and Chelsea have some great ones, even Gillingham’s charity shops are good looking.

Now there are four charity shops along my “high street”, I use this term loosely as it’s a pretty poo high street to be honest. If you’re a hairpiece wearing, fancy nail wearing, fried chicken eating gambler, then here, my friend is your Mecca!

Anywho…I’m a big believer in donating my unwanted items to charity. I don’t give then any old, threadbare, holey tat, it’s generally pretty good stuff, just I no longer wear it or it no longer fits (in a good way…yaaay). I mean I’ve even given them stuff still tagged…ok that was a while ago, when I was young (not that long ago, cheeky!!) and spent money on things I never ended up wearing. So it REEEALLY cheeses me off to see such badly put together window displays, when I know for a fact I dropped in a really nice green sparkly top, that deserves window time last week. I mean it just upsets my eyes to see such sad windows, for the love of God show your charity some love voluntary worker! Now I am no Mary Portas but by jayzus lads, c’mon! It may be a charity shop but if it’s not pleasing on the eye to start with, you’ve got no chance! Straighten things up for a start. Look at what 2015-07-10 01.25.07you’re planning on putting on the mannequin…would you wear that skirt with that top? No?? Then put it the hell back and look again!! Would you wear that shirt with that suit? No? Choose another shirt…a different suit? At least put the jayzus tie inside the jacket!! AAAAAGH!!!

Also why…why do baby or kids clothes end up in a grotty old basket at the back of the shop??? Lord God…I only handed in a bag of Next stuff two days ago!! Like I’m not gonna root in a basket in a “first-hand” shop, there’s not a hope in hell of me rooting in this basket!! (Dread rooting anyway…can’t handle TK Maxx).

Do any of ye know what the funky smell is? I wash all my clothes before handing them in, I even de-scaled a kettle once and I’ve seen the clothes being steam cleaned out the back, so what is it? I generally just buy books or maybe the odd vase from charity shops, but once or twice when a dress has caught my eye I’ve purchased it but I think on both occasions I’ve actually given them back, cos no matter how many times I wash them they still smell “charity shoppy”. Ugh! Charity shop made their money from me on those days!

Hallelujah though, it’s as if one shop has heard my inner cries and it’s had a bit of a re-vamp. Yes, Trinity Hospice, I salute you! Inside has been repainted, it looks light and airy. It’s not to cramped, you can easily get in with a buggy and the clothes aren’t puking off the rails. Their windows are always easy on the eye and my most favourite bit is their bric-a-brac stand at the back. It’s really simple but I love it. There’s shelving unit about five shelves high attached to the wall on long brackets which are topped with an 7″ inch vinyl. It’s just cool and I like it! Ooh and sometimes they have some really nice pieces of furniture in there too.20150623_103643-1

Well there ye go…that’s my whinge. What do ye guys think? Any thoughts on your local charity shops?

Ooh…ooh….I nearly forgot…so like I said, I’m no Victoria Beckham but why the hell do I never see my clothes displayed in the windows? Some of that clobber was good sh*t!!


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