Tonight I could hug my boy.

Today I watched Small Monkey play with his friend Little E. Today I chatted about their futures with Big E. Today I wondered how he’ll cope with starting nursery in a couple of weeks. Today I kissed my Hubby goodbye on his way to work. Tonight I tucked my Small Monkey into his nice warm bed, smothering him in hugs and kisses. Tonight I thanked God he was born here.

Today Abdullah Kurdi mourned the loss of his family, he never got to say goodbye. Today he won’t get to speak to his boys, discuss their futures or kiss his wife. Today the world finally realised the war in Syria is real and real people are dying. Today a little boy, just like our little boy died. Today everybody knows who Aylan Kurdi was, and all for the wrong reasons. Tonight and every other night from now on Mr Kurdi will never hug his boys again.

Three years ago, the little boy we seen on the beach was born into a warring country. He never got the chance to know peace. His country has been at war now for 4yrs, all because some schoolkids slated the government on a graffitied wall. Can you even imagine it? Have you seen some of the stuff scribbled across walls in London?? Peaceful protests turned into acts of defence, nutty IS militants then take advantage, adding to the chaos leading to outright civil war. Everyday normal people, just like the Kurdi’s are forced from their homes, fleeing for their lives. They don’t want to leave but they do want to live.

Imagine having to make the decision to leave your home to save your life? Yes people do it, but this time you’re actually risking your life to save your life. You’re risking the lives of each of your family, putting each of them in danger to save their lives because this is the only way you can see how. You have family abroad, of course they will put you up. The way forward is not that easy though and you’re forced to take desperate measures. You make it through an 800mile journey, including  your own war torn country, to the rubber dinghy that will save you. You’ve paid, probably your life savings, to board this boat, this overcrowded piece of plastic.

A few minutes later, everything you love in your life is gone. Every hope and dream you have for the future is stolen from you. Your beautiful baby boy is gone, lying face down in the sand.

You asked for help, you tried to do it right and we failed you. You and the thousands of others like you, didn’t just wake up one morning and pack up your families to put their lives in danger. This was your fight to live and we failed you.

Yes, we all moan and complain about Britain opening it’s doors to take in these refugees, but maybe now we realise these people aren’t packing up their families, leaving their homes, their jobs and risking their lives, to come here to live on £36 a week and not be allowed to work.

I don’t know how to solve the problem and I certainly can’t change the world on my own, but sometimes we need to think with our hearts. You wouldn’t want to see your brother, your sister, your family suffer like this, would you? You wouldn’t allow it to start.

RIP little men, rest forever in your Mammy’s loving arms x

If you’d like to help in some small way check out The Guardian’s List….


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