Lockdown Rainbows

Well looky, looky it’s me…writing….and ranting!

Aren’t the colourful rainbows popping up in windows, on pavements and walls lovely? Aren’t they a welcome smile during this crazy time? I think so anyway so imagine my shock on reading a couple of comments saying they were a bad idea…encouraging parents to bring kids out on rainbow spotting walks during a pandemic.

I mean come on!!?? Surely as a parent you wouldn’t actively go out specifically to spot rainbows whilst on lock down due to a potentially deadly virus? Sure if you’ve popped out for your allotted exercise time then lovely, weren’t they nice to see?

I have a rainbow in my window, actually two and a rainbow snailiso4 I’ll have you know, and I love seeing them across the road in my neighbours window too. Why did I put them up? Various reasons actually;

  1. They look sweet and colourful and to me are like the international symbol of  “there’s a little person in here, missing their freedom, school and friends.
  2. They let those who are working to keep us safe and keep important services working, know that we are thinking of them. If I was a doctor, nurse, healthcare worker, teacher, binman, postie, supermarket worker…whatever, on my way to work, putting myself on the front line, seeing these little displays of colour would certainly cheer me up and make me feel thought of.
  3. They are a symbol of hope in this crazy time and a ray of sunshine of a sh**y day.

Lastly, they were a bloody fun activity to do on day 3 of 700 days of lockdown! So feck off with your “rainbows encourage carelessness” talk and get your paint out Negative Nancy!