Baby Disco!

I’m always on the lookout for fun things to do other than the park. Now don’t get me wrong, the parks never fail…for Small Monkey that is…but sometimes I’d rather not look at another climbing frame, give my bingo wings a rest from swing pushing and not try to coerce him down another slide.

Enter DJ Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco!20150629_010516-1

Omg!! Yes, this is exactly what I’m looking for. We can both have fun and boogie, yes I gotta go without the usual few sherberts but I don’t really need drink to dance. My motto, especially in London, I know barely any, probably none of these people and what are the chances of seeing them again?

I tell my friend E, mother to another small monkey E and an even tinier small monkey C, and she agrees it sounds like fun. So I book the tickets, a family ticket costs ¬£29.60 inc the booking fee (that’s two adults, two kids). Wooooo so excited!

looking the shizz!
looking the shizz!

The day is here, Small Monkey looks the shizzle in his

pretty much how the day went!
pretty much how the day went!

funky shirt and shorts and I’ve straightened my hair and put on a dress. We head up to Southbank and meet E and her two boys, and her hubby (N) has got home in time to come also. Buggies parked up and in we go!

Inside the¬†Spiegeltent, it’s big and round and nice and airy. Obviously it’s darker as it’s a disco but there are plenty of nice coloured lights so as you can still see and the kids aren’t scared. There are tables all around the dance floor and even a little bit of a “soft” area for babies. N has C strapped to him, E has little E clinging to her for dear life and my Small Monkey seems a bit confused. He’s not sure what to think just yet.

Dj Monski starts with Pharrell’s Happy…yep, he likes this song, this’ll be great. Nope! Still frozen. I try dancing with him. Nope! Arms up, reaching for me. I pick him up, now both E and I look like we have small children growing out of our hips. We dance like this for a bit. I chance him again as Monski is now playing a fun teddy/arms in the air/wibble wobble song. Monkey stands there and lets me move his body for the actions…this is annoying but he’s slightly smiling…I could be onto a winner. Poor E is having no success dislodging little E, who now seems mesmerised by the lights, N is sitting with Baby C, who is wide awake and looks fairly happy. Monski now plays Rock Around the Clock..Monkey wants up!! Eugh, this is not the fun day out I’d hoped and I pick him up again. He is smiling and laughing now though…maybe he’s cracking? I put him down, he has a little boogie and runs. Towards the door!!! But he stops and starts running around a pole instead, at this point little E comes running towards me and follows suit. They lure me into a false sense of security for all of 10 seconds before both of them make a break for the door!! E comes running over and picks up little E. I pick up a very angry Small Monkey. this kid is flipping like a dolphin on speed!! I have to hold him across my body for fear of headbutts. Yes…my son is not perfect, he is human and he most certainly has tantrums and by God is he having one now! Monski starts to play another fun song…oh it’s a dinosaur one…both boys like dinosaurs. Not today peeps!! Not to-bloody-day!! N takes over from E for a little bit and more valiant attempts are made to get the boys to dance…no sireeeee!!! Monski’s now playing Groove is in the Heart. I put Monkey down and he does a few steps before running off. this time though he’s content to run around the pole and throw in a few moves here and there. This will do me. Monkey’s bored now so runs back towards E, annnd I have to pick him up AGAIN!! A chipmunk version of The Cure’s Lovecats is playing. Surely to God he’ll like this…he likes The Chipmunks. Nope! Another tantrum involving some rolling on the floor follows! Lord jayzus!!! I think E’s a bit shocked, she’s never witnessed this before. He eventually calms down and I put him down, he walks of and ….praise Jesus, he starts to dance…a stompy dance!! Yay!!! It doesn’t last long annnnd he’s off running. he runs around the dancefloor….even this I’d be happy with but when I have to pick him up off somebody else’s table he throws another wobbly! I carry him back, kicking and crying like a crazy person. The hour is nearly up, thank God, and I’ve had the Time of My Life starts to play. In my head I’m thinking please baby, just do this for Mammy…but nooooooooo!! Little E is not to happy looking either so E suggests we leave now….phew…thank God!!

Outside the two boys are delighted to be free. You’d swear they’d been living in a dark cage for months!!! E suggests a SNOG…it’s nothing kinky, ye dirty divils….it’s frozen yogurt…reeeeally nice frozen yogurt too. We head over to the big pink SNOG bus, they’ve music playing. Those two little Monkeys only start bloody dancing!! By jayzus!!! They have a little run around and then they both run to each other with arms out and do a big hug!!! Aw soooooo cuuuute, but it was almost like they were celebrating their freedom from the disco….or the dancing??? Omg…maybe it was the parental dancing?? Ah who knows…but please God the footy class next week will fare better!!!

** The disco itself was actually really good, there was a good mix of music, old and new. There was special kiddie songs with actions and Monski also had two friends down on the dancefloor to dance with us.**

If you go let me know how you got on….


Donna x

P.S sorry I didn’t take more pics at the event…there just wasn’t time!