Babe (babe), I’m back again…

I haven’t written anything here in two months! Did ya miss me?? But two months!!! Shocking! Why? Well to start with, writing a blog is harder than you’d imagine.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, there’s always something to say, but sometimes it just doesn’t warrant writing a blog post as it’s only something short….hence I’ll post it on my Instagram or Facebook page. Finding time is sometimes an issue too. A blog post can take you only a few minutes to read, but by the time I’ve written, considered, rewritten, spellchecked and added pictures, two or even three hours have gone by. Those hours equate to a lot of time out of my day really. Also I write mine on my laptop, I’ve no patience for writing it on a tiny phone screen but I know lots of bloggers do and therefore blog on the go. Believe it or not, despite liking to actually write and having the equivalent amount of notebooks as Paperchase’s stockroom, I’m still poo at writing a good idea down for later or even making notes in my phone…..Bye, bye ideas!

My blog as you can see, is not focused on anything in particular, which I guess might inhibit me a bit, as I don’t have a focus. I don’t really need to keep up with the newest beauty or fashion trends. I’m also woeful at following the news so politics and current affairs are also out. That said though, not having a focus means I can write whatever the hell I like….wooooooo!! Roll on the randomness and tat!

I guess like all bloggers, I get a little dissuaded sometimes from lack of support. I enjoy writing anyway, and hope one day to write a book so committing to a blog forces me to Screenshot_20170907-224118write stuff  down rather than say I will. So although I write because I like it, the likes, the shares and comments make all the difference. If I see you’ve shared my post or better still you’ve commented, then I feel like you’ve read it and you’ve enjoyed it (or not) and that inspires me to not give up. The lack of interaction can be discouraging sometimes but I guess if you really want to do something you plough on in hope. The likes themselves are good too, but I always wonder….did you just see I posted, and liked it for the craic or ‘cos you know me…did you actually read it? I’m also still very shy about telling people I write a blog. When my work colleague mentions it to people I always feel a bit of a sack really. I guess I still feel like it’s not interesting or glam or current enough to disclose it for fear I run into somebody who’s been doing it for years or has some supersize megablog that all the world knows about. So yeah…I’m not great at pluggin’ it!

So what do I want to achieve with this blog of mine? Well, I want lots of people, not just family and friends, to read it and give their opinions on what they’ve read or seen. I want people to interact, connect and enjoy what I’ve written and how I’ve written it. I guess I want my blog to be one of the few things I’ve started, stuck with and not given up on. Ideally, just like my “personalphotographerintraininglongsuffering” hubby, I’d like my blog to grow old with me (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw) unless I sign a major book deal and reach Stephen King-like status, in which case I might be too busy to keep up with it all. Dream big people, DREAM BIG!!

So dear readers, if you like what you read, if you’ve laughed at my “skit” pics over on Instagram and Facebook; if I’ve brightened your day, made you smile or inspired you to do something, make something or read something, please tell me and tell others too.

Sharing is caring,

much love

Donna xx




I’m blogging because…..


I want to and have wanted to for a few years now. I wanted to be three things when I was younger.

1) Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen . I wanted to paint and decorate and make things beautiful. I wanted to revamp crappy old stuff and create multi-coloured barcodes on walls. I wanted to do all this wearing the most outlandish stand out clothes I could so people knew it was me. So I came to London, on holiday but let my cousin talk me into checking out all “Llewelyn” related courses up the road at LSBU. There were loads! Did I sign up? Nope! A 4 year course is to long for me Deb, I won’t be here that long……….15yrs later…..still here….coulda done it 4 times over. *sigh* (I did do loadsa C&G courses in the end though)

2) Indiana Jones. Yep….he (still) is soooo cool and I still wanna be him. Going on adventures, finding cool stuff…the unofficial superhero of antiques and mythical things that need saving.

3) A Writer. I’ve always loved books. I love reading them and I want to write them, one day. I like writing to. I am a list maker, a collector of fancy notebooks and pretty pens with all big plans to fill them with weird and wonderful, deep and meaningful stories. I will write for young and for old. So here I am, a technophobe, trying to make her way in the world of blogging. A step onto the ladder of writing maybe…..hopefully. I gotta start somewhere and since becoming a Mammy I’ve found I have a phone in my hand a whole lot more, so why not use it to try and accomplish one of my dreams and write?! (That makes me sound like I ignore my child, I don’t….but that’s a post for another day).

So guys, I ask ya to bear with me on this, I’m a newbie but with the help of my lovely, tech-savvy friends (Courtney, Ash…kiss kiss) I’ll get this!


Donna x