Cocoa Brown Tan review

Hey guys! Sooo I’m not really a beauty blogger, but I did say if I found something I liked and thought you should know about, that I’d tell you.

So I was whinging about being so white and feeling it was necessary to wear tights if I was going out out, ya know. When lo…I came across an Instagram by fellow blogger Bebhinn at A Judge Less Life, about Cocoa Brown Tan. Short story shorter, she recommended it.

I picked up the Cocoa Brown Ihr Mousse and Lovely Legs back home for €9.99. I haven’t tried the Lovely Legs yet so this review is only on the mousse.20150601_005557 (1)

In preparation for my first attempt at self tanning, I had a shower and body scrub that morning, at about 9.00 that night I had another shower and went about applying the tan. I followed Marissa’s tan tips and painted my toe and fingernails beforehand, and rubbed some moisturiser onto my knees, elbows, ankles and heels…well basically anywhere that any tan seems to cling like a limpet to. I used a Superdrug tanning mitt to apply the mousse. The 1hr Tan Mousse is lovely, there’s no smell and it goes on really well and dries really quick. You can easily see where you’ve applied it to. I gave it a few minutes and got into me pjs. Marissa says for a lighter tan wait one hour, a darker tan, wait 3hrs. I figured with the repellency of my legs I may as well give it the longer. So I  spent the next three hours farting about with my hair and ruining my nails. 3hrs gone, I jump in the shower and rinse off. Hmm, my sister said I still looked white. I have to say I wasn’t convinced it had worked but the next day my hands looked lovely and golden. 🙂 The tan does continue to develop once rinsed off anyway and I think by the end of the next day I could definitely see the difference on my forearms and feet.

To give it a fairer go though and for myself and you guys, I decided last week to tan half of my body. I mean who’s gonna notice…it’s not shorts weather yet boys! So for 3 out of 4 nights last week I body scrubbed with each shower, (as suggested on the back of the mousse tin) and on the 5th night I applied the tan as before. Unfortunately though, I fell asleep before rinsing it off, so I actually slept in it. (Ok…Ok…when I say I “fell asleep” in it, I baked a cheesecake, watched a movie, then it was 2.00 and I couldn’t drag myself back into the shower.) Saturday morning though, I hopped into the shower, rinsed off…moisturised and ta daaaaah!! I could definitely see the difference this time. It’s Sunday evening now and I think it actually looks as good now as it did Saturday so I’m very happy with it. I dread the tops of my arms, but with a hint of bottled sunshine I’m definitely happier to let them out without a cardi!

Arms and tum
Arms and tum
This is fresh out of the shower Saturday morn x
This is fresh out of the shower Saturday morn x

Result: Cocoa Brown recommended. Hope that helps. xx


Wedding guest prep….eeek!

‘Tis the eve before the wedding and in my house….the poop has hit the fan. Why is it when you’re going somewhere nothing goes to plan? Eugh!

Firstly let me just say, I finally attempted the self tan. I managed to get hold of some Cocoa Brown Tan whilst I was home. I’m going to review in another post, but for now let me just tell you, I’m cooking.

The Facebook hair tutorial was easy when you tried it last week whilst cleaning the bathroom…but now…ha haa…now! By jayzus if I could bic it, I would. So I search for something else, I always either wear my hair in a pony or just straighten it, I wanted something a bit different. There are so many to choose from once you hit yoooou toooob. The styles I like though, of course require a thicker head of hair. Aaaaagh…hair…I hate you so much right now! (Did you just sing that to the scream of Kelis? Yep! Good…that’s what I was going for.) Eugh…something will work in the morning.

Still cooking.

I decide to paint my nails. I apologise now to nail technicians everywhere for the 20150531_233737-1state of my nails anyway. So anywho… It’s rare that I do this, I have a weird index and middle finger on each hand…they point off to the left and the right, but my other fingers are straight.(It doesn’t bother me, apart from I think they look strange). Plus my nail care regime is poop, as you can see in the pics. I seen this really cool facebook tutorial that I’m going to try. You dab 2-4 colours on a makeup sponge and then press the sponge onto your nail. Simples! Heh heh…not for meeee! I mean it worked but my colour combo just made me look like I had gangrene or something. 20150530_002643-1Dammit! Oh well, I’ll remove it and go plain. Easy peasy you say…nah ah! The gangrene nail varnish has dried on my fingers around my nails too and although it’s coming off with the remover, there’s blue and orange trapped down the sides of my nails, under them and in my cuticles. Cue my sister rubbing the hell outta my nails with a pointy cotton bud. Ouch! Right so gangrene gone, I’ll paint them blue. I paint my right, my sis paints my left. I need them dry asap, I’m getting annoyed with them now so I do the cold water trick. Fill the sink in cold water, dip in wet nails. Viola! Done! Feels dry, yes, won this time nails, screw you! Ha ha say my nails…no chance, after drying them in the towel, the paint on a couple of nails has dragged. Fecking hellfire! It’s ok, the second coat will hide it…hahahahaha! This was such a bad idea. It just emphasises how bad my nails are…but feck it now it’s hiding the mess the orange and blue left behind. *sigh* 150531111829

Tip: pick colours that work together better and remove nail polish on fingers before it dries.

Ping! I’m cooked. I hop in the shower 3hrs later to rinse off the tan. Hmm, I’m not seeing too much of a glow. I ask my sister, you still look white. Ah for jayzus sake! I obviously just repel any kind of tan, real or fake. Like seriously lads, the Spanish obviously didn’t hit up to many of my ancestors when the Armada bounced of the west coast. Still, though I’m going to give the tan another run when I’m better prepared.

Next morning, in the cold light of day, yep, I can’t see much of a difference, on go IMG-20150523-WA0006the nude tights…..oooh my hands look nice and golden. Make-up done, looking ok even if my skin did decide to have some sorta mental break down and choose now to become dry and scaley. I got round it, 10 tonnes of moisturiser later and a little help from the sister…onto the wig! Right, lets try the knot thingy we seen on FB and go from there. My sister proceeds to tie bunches of my hair together in knots, all the time saying, eugh, it’s so wiry or it reminds me of our brother’s hair that time, when we used to call him mushroom head. Great stuff, thanks sis. Anywho with a few twists and loops and a couple butterflies (to hide the sticky out bits) later, I’m ready and I don’t look three bad!

Haaa body! I won!!!
Haaa body! I won!!!