May the 4th….

Ok. Yes. I know…I’m a little behind but none the less I still need to mention the day that celebrates one of my most favourite films ever. Star Wars Day! Yeeesss!! I even considered ringing in sick just so I could indulge in the Star Wars marathon Sky was airing. It would go like this….

Cough, cough, splutter….ugh, Hi Cal…cough, cough. Mrs Eldridge, what’s up? wheeeeze, cough, ugh Cal, I’m not well at all. You sound a bit rough alright, whats up with ya? Hearty cough…cough….I’ve got something called Cantrosian-scratch Fever…burning up so I am…sigh. What’s that then? Ugh Cal, cough…it normally only lasts 48hrs, but you….wheeeeze, cough….ugh it’s so hot….pick it up from a dirty scratch like, ya know when you’re outside and that. Cough, cough, cough. It burns you up, I’ve no energy, couldn’t face customers today. Ah it you never ring in sick Don, listen, take it easy, you sound awful. (Obligatory sympathy cough and snuffle from me there.) I’ll let Gaz know, get to bed now. Ugh thanks Cal.

It really doesn’t matter that I have all the dvds.

Now to bribe the monkey into kinda letting me watch them in peace.

Anyway…my day was spent at work and I digress.

Halloween 2014 is approaching, I now have a small moving child (Padawan) to dress up. There is only one option. A Star Wars costume….hmm…baby Darth Vader? A baby Yoda? Or a little furry Wookie? I went with Yoda. OMG I couldn’t wait for Halloween! It finally arrived, I dressed the Monkey in his tiny robe and popped his Yoda hat on his head. He wasn’t overly impressed but he went with it much to my joy. Of course he had the coolest costume in the village that night. He looked so cute toddling round. I was delighted, of course EVERYBODY got it…appreciated it….that was until 2 doors from the end of our outing some little 8yr olds go “aw loooook, hes dressed as Shrek!” SHREK!!! FECKING SHREK!!! C’mon!!! Ok they’re both green, both wear white and brown, but Shrek’s got 2 weird sucker things for ears….Yoda clearly has ears…long pointy ones and wears a bloody robe. Eugh! I was DISGUSTED!!!

IMG-20141031-WA0006Educate your kids peeps! Yoda is NEVER to be confused with Shrek!