Beauty bites 2

Hey peoples! I haven’t wrote anything in a little while, I had a few posts lined up….in my mind…I’m not very good at actual drafts, so here I am catching up.

Now as you know, one is not a beauty type blogger, but I still like to share an opinion on if something is worth it or not……

Misfit Cosmetics Blackhead Extraction Paste ; I have pretty porous skin and of 171120110504_wmcourse my nose always suffers, despite using all sorts of bitty scrubs I still always have a bit of a subtle strawberry effect going on. I’d seen this particular mask advertised on FB and as it was originally £18 (on special offer at £5) I thought I’d try it. I’d also seen some promising, and painful looking videos all ending in super clean results, never the less, I thought I’d chance it. I followed the instructions…cleanse face..blah blah…apply and wait 30mins. Grand! I was a little nervous about actually pulling the top layer of my skin off on removal, as it’s pretty sticky stuff, but it came off pretty easy. I AM so glad I didn’t pay the full whack for it, as my skin is either alot cleaner than I thought, especially my nose area, or it was actually a bit of an anti-climax. It didn’t pull my skin off…thankfully, but it also didn’t remove any deep rooted blackheads, and I’ve tried it twice now to be extra sure. It did, however, leave my skin feeling really soft and if you enjoy pulling dead skin off…ya know when you get sunburn…well peeling this off will help curb your winter sunburn peeling needs.


Rimmel London Magnif’eyes shadow & kohl; I lovvvve an eyeflick but by jayzus aren’t 171121120545_wmthey a pain in the hole to achieve? You end up with one perfect and the other looking like your 6 year drew it, which in turn leads on to you having a slightly pink tinged eyeball from rubbing it out and starting again, leading onto the “feck it I’m not going now, my life is ruined” hump! Anyway, I seen this in Superdrugs on a BOGOHP offer so I picked it up. The eyeshadow end is lovely with a glittery sheen to it and the kohl was actually pretty easy to apply too. It just seemed to glide on pretty smoothly. The “knib” does sorta lose its point slightly so it’s not ideal for really fine lines after the first few uses but otherwise I liked it, plus it’s everything for a smokey eye one one place.


Hot Pink Hair; Last November, I had my hair done at home in Shaz’s. Kim put a gorge little section of rainbow colours in at my request and I’ve been reluctant to say goodbye to it. As I was going to a festival in September and couldn’t really afford to have it done properly, I took matters into my own hands. Luckily for me, my home hair dying went so well, I had several random people stop me on the street to ask what salon I’d gone to. 171120110748_wm#delira . How did I achieve this level of gorgeous hairness, you ask….well read on… Firstly, about a week before the pink, I dyed my hair brown, using an Olia dye. Now as my hair is brown anyway, kinda like what it’s been dyed to in these pics but with more grey, the BBlonde bleach worked quite well in it. If your hair is very dark brown verging on black, it may turn kinda orangey like my SiL’s did…be warned!! The BBlonde powder bleach and peroxide cost just under £6 and easy to make up. The hardest bit of what I was trying to achieve, was trying to bleach and even slice of hair, when I couldn’t see it.(I didn’t want clumps of pink on top of my head but peeping out from underneath, with that said, as it’s underneath, it was easier to hide the uneven section.) I just pulled out the bits of hair I wanted to bleach and tied everything else up out of the way. I cut some tinfoil in strips, alá the hairdressers and used them to keep the bleached bits separate from the rest of my hair. Once the bleaching was done, I let my hair dry and used tinfoils again to apply and keep separate the Schwarzkopf Live 093 Shocking Pink dye I then put in to get the end result. Et voilá….pink hair, don’t care!! Costing roughly £11.


**Obviously, I would have much rather have gone to the salon to have me hair done, but on this occasion I had neither time nor money, and I think if you were planning on doing your entire head, most certainly go to a proper hairdressers.

Anyway guys, I hope ye found this useful and stay gorge ’til next time,

Donna xx





Sooo I’ve been needing to get my roots/hair done for a couple of months now, crunch time came when I ran late for work due to spending far to long pulling out visible grey hairs. Why do they stand straight up like little antennas glinting in the sun?? And, yes…I know…I pull one out, 7 million grow back, but I deal with the here and now, and here and now I can’t deal with looking at them. Due to various bits and pieces cropping up I couldn’t afford the £85 price tag I normally pay…cue the Home High Lighting Kit!!

I popped into Superdrug and had a nose through their selection. So many options, so many colours…oooh bright pink…ah ah aaah!! No Donna, not for you! I can count on one hand how many times I’ve home dyed my hair, so I go for the simplest looking option, L’Oreal’s I’m a Bronde Brush-On Balayage.20150811_223235_wm (1) Ooooh sounds posh and if it’s good enough for Jen it’s good enough pour moi! (Seriously though, can you really see her sitting in on a Saturday night with Eva combing high lights through her hair over a glass of lambrini?? C’mon!!!)

My boys are in bed, I hit the bathroom. Put on gloves, mix powder, shake well…blah blah. Easy peasy! I part my hair as instructed and start combing on the mixture, handy enough…”I’m bringing sexy back, those other f**kers don’t know how to act”…yeah baby!! Greys be gone!! So anywho, it’s simple enough, you just pull the comb, with the dye on through your hair, keeping it vertical. You really can’t get any easier unless…unless you are ME!!! I looked in the mirror and thought, hmm, doesn’t look as if there’s enough dye on there, so not realising the outcome I go round again.(BIG MISTAKE NUMERO UNO!!) I potter off to let the dye do it’s thing, but did I bother to note the time? Hah! Not a bit!! (BIG MISTAKE DOS!!!) Jayzus boys!! When I go back and look in the mirror I can easily see my hair’s dyed. Washed it out anyway…hmm…fairly blonde…lemme dry and straighten it.

OH GOOD JEEZUS!! All I can see is yellow! It’s yellow! I dyed my jayzus hair yellow!! Shades of yellow!! My roots are shorter but now seem extra dark, as do my eyebrows! Oh Lord God!! My face looks paler…fecking hellfire, how can I fix it?20150809_083810_wm Google? Google? Seems the easiest and most reliable answer is going to a salon!! Thanks Google! Seriously according to the box it should’ve been lighter…more delicate highlights…I’ve created a solid block…oh my God…I think I’ve actually got a “white blonde” stripe!!! Myself and Jen can never be twins now!!!

not twins!!
not twins!!

Next morning, I take another look, Lord God the top is dreadful. I’ve been Snapchatting me buds and they’re all saying it’s not so bad but all I can see is YELLOW!! Ugh! The best I can do is try and style it to hide the top…or distract from it. Hello 50’s style hair do’s! How long I can keep the effort of getting up to coiffure my hair in the mornings remains to be seen…but here we go…IMG_20150810_095935IMG_20150810_093414_wm

attempting a victory roll...eek!
attempting a victory roll…eek!

Things I learned from this…

1)This was a HIGH LIGHTING kit…think about those words in hair dressing terms before attempting again.

2) Note the bloody time!

3)Now I know why I suffer the £85 price tag to not feck up my hair!

PS In fairness, I’d really need to give this kit another go, following the instructions properly before actually reviewing it.

Donna xx

*Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back lyrics from YouTube*