Gillingham…it’s not all bad!

A couple of weeks ago I took myself and Small Monkey off to Gillingham to see the sister. We jumped on the train from Waterloo …well ya know…I had a buggy like…but anyway and we were there in just over an hour. We shared a bag of popcorn and looked out for moo moos.

Now I hear lots of people saying off putting things about Gillingham but I can honestly say I like it. I mean you see some choice looking people, but don’t you see them everywhere? Gillingham has everything I like on it’s little high street, New Look, The Works, Wilkinsons, Peacocks and Chatham is only a couple of minutes away. Anywho, I digress, after a bacon sandwich and several futile attempts to get Monkey to eat something for brekkie, my sis decided to share a little gem she’s been secreting to herself for years. The Strand.Screenshot_2015-06-15-00-25-33-1

It’s about 20mins walk from my sisters and on the way over I found a dead snake…I think!! But again, I’m straying…I’ve never found a dead snake/eel (?) before so I had to share that nugget of pointless info. 🙂 20150605_125646So we walked down through some car parks, and I was thinking  ” jayzus sis…wtf?” but then it opens out onto a big playground and green area with a paddling pool….oooooh!! We thought we’d have a look at the actual beach first, I was disappointed…it’s a pebble beach…blugh! The view also, is a fairly industrious one, so not pretty and the water along the edge looked a bit green 20150605_131006and gungey…but hey…it’s not like we were going skinny dipping.

We headed over to a small playground that had a big climbing frame and slide. Small Monkey and sis had a climb on this….it’s always funny watching an adult trying to demonstrate to a child how things are used….There was also a big sandpit with a small slide in the middle of it. Monkey only recently gathered the courage to come down a slide after spending a week with his Monkey cousins. So up he goes, has a look…nah…not doing it. Other kids then start joining in, Monkey keeps edging closer to coming down, but20150605_132103 still…nope! I think the other kids started getting impatient as on his last attempt Monkey was given a little nudge in the right direction by a curly haired lil dude. Yay!! Down Monkey goes, he stands up on the bottom of the slide and throws his little hands up in triumph…BOOOM! He gets taken out of it by Curly Boy! He does a side roll off the slide into the sand, swallowing a mouthful! Eugh! My sis is peeing herself laughing, Monkey’s looked up at me and started crying…is it wrong that I’m laughing??? He wasn’t hurt, the kid didn’t mean it and I’m pretty sure I ate at least one bucket of sand in my lifetime so ya know….Of course I go and cuddle him and tell him everything’s ok. Well it is compared to Curly Boy’s Mammy’s situation…Curly Boy is making sand angels involving alotta head tossing in the sand! Eeek!! I’d murder him! Small Monkey now refuses to go down the slide despite me squeezing my butt down it in an attempts to lure him down. (Seriously…. were slides always this narrow??) Anyway to ease the pain of his “take out” sis has come back from the cafe with some slush puppies.

It was one of the hotter days, so we head over to the paddling pool, which is a nice size, looks clean and not too busy. My sis goes and dips her feet in so Monkey 20150605_143948follows suit. He likes it! Yessss!! I whip off his shorts and tee and let him on….he loves it. It’s really lovely watching their little faces light up in delight (ooh mush…but true!) There’s loadsa kids splashing about, some with no nappies on, but I can’t see any floaters so it’s all good and as we came unprepared and Monkeys nappy starts weighing him down, it’s not long til he’s left in just a vest. Everything was going well until a little girl on a whale floatee (being pulled around most happily…haaa) by her Ma passed him. He wanted it so started following it…bless him…he couldn’t catch it…crying followed. We thought it best to exit now  while we were ahead, we’d been there long enough anyway. I dried him off in sis’ hoodie, of course applying more sunscreen…I’m only a moron when it comes to my own skin protection!

We headed up to the High St, Monkey being content to chill in the buggy and went to The Works, just for a look….one canvas, a pretty notebook, two fancy pens, a digger and a fire engine later, we head to McD’s for a treat….it’s bloody -100degrees in there…jayzus lads!!!

Anywho…that was pretty much the day apart from a cuppa tea before leaving we headed back to Londinium. I want to say though, places can be reported as crappy places, but I believe it’s what you make of it. There’s nice and bad people everywhere, there are nice places when you know where to look. Don’t believe what people say…judge for yourself!

P.S a couple of things I forgot to mention….

– there’s a paying lido, with changing rooms and small water slides and stuff too

-there’s a crazy golf course and a miniature railway which we didn’t get to experience

Annd apple juice with a hint of chilli is just not nice ( always read the small print!)

P.P.S sorry I didn’t take more pics x