<3 DIY Baby Keepsakes <3

Well I did say my blog was fairly random! 🙂 Just recently it seems like everybody I know is either having a baby or just had one, so I’ve decided to share some of the little keepsakes I “diy’d” myself. I’m a sentimental auld sod you see.


I kept a little diary of sorts for Small Monkey to read when he is older. I say it’s a diary, but I’ve tried to put in little pearls of wisdom, life lessons and my hopes for him too. I picked a cute little notebook (which happened to be blue) and away I went. I always referred to him as Baby or Jigglepuff as we didn’t find out his sex, but I think I always knew he was a boy. I kept it up ’til I gave birth and got my Ma to write about his entry into the world, that was it up to a few months ago when I wrote him a little about himself now. Obviously you put in what you want….here’s a little excerpt from mine…20150606_192745 20150606_192737

Baby’s here!

I have got a proper baby record book but, as I keep almost everything, I needed a 20150606_192203scrapbook too. I bought the biggest scrapbook I could find and then made it into a “hardback” cover using a  thick cardboard box and glueing it to the real cover. To jazz it up and make use of all my favourite “It’s a Boy” cards I kinda decoupaged it using my favourite bits. I kept a 20150606_192212balloon my Ma bought on his arrival and used it to cover the back.

This next project took place over a year and if I have my way will continue for a while yet….well we’ll see how space goes but the next print maybe when he’s 5. I bought some square canvas’ from The Works (lovvve that place, my sister dreads when i head in there!) and some blue non toxic poster paint. It’s best to have another person to help you with this one, as it’s easier for somebody else to hold baby. Oh, and have your baby wipes and the bath ready. So your helper holds baby, you paint baby’s foot and gently press it down on the canvas, give each toe an extra little press. Don’t paint the paint on to thickly though or you wouldn’t get any detail. Do the same with the hand…et viola! Don’t worry if the prints aren’t perfect, babies wiggle and squirm, it just adds to the print. I named and dated and aged mine. Now, run, quick to the bath!


For the next couple of keepsakes you’ll be using those favourite little tees (or dresses…vests…whatever) you can’t bear to part with. Ok,  I lovvve this little Prince Charming tee so I took it out with me and found a photo frame big enough to hold it, popped it in the frame and done! Again, I couldn’t bear to part with Mummy’s Little Soldier so I took it out and slipped it over a few canvas’ to find the canvas that filled it best. Once the tee was on the canvas, I pulled it tight onto the canvas, wrapping it around the edges to the back of the canvas. I used thumb tacks to pin it to the back of the canvas (I’d no staple gun) and then cut off the bulky back piece that I didn’t need. Done! Another fab piece of wall art for the nursery.


If you’re interested in the other pieces you see above, the Ark print is from a gorgeous site called Marnie Makes. The personalised canvas is from Canvas Art UK and the personalised Baby plaque is from Pretty Prints. For this last piece I kept these adorable Next t-shirts and made cushions out of them. Really easy, you have to be a super sewer either. I simply turned the t-shirts inside out and stitched the arms and neck closed. For the bottom you can do the same about the halfway across, then stuff the t-shirts, make sure you fill out the arms. I don’t know what the name of the next stitch is but you will have to be a bit neater as these stitches will be seen on the outside. All sewed up? Fantastic…look at what you’ve made!


You can make really lovely gifts for grandparents using some of these ideas and it doesn’t even matter if they’re not super douper perfect ‘cos they’re homemade by you!

I hope you like this post, please drop me a comment or a pic of some of your creations,

love Donna x