My 2016 Achievables

New Year again lads! Resolutions are made and most will probably melt away to non-existent. BUT…not me…not this time! I resolved to make resolutions I know I will keep. Well I’m 97.9999% sure these are all things I can easily resolve or achieve over the course of the year. So let’s dive in to my 2016 Achievables.

Surely this is top of the NYR list for most, weight loss! I have not resolved to lose 3 stone and I have not decided to give up drinking….not that it’s not doable, it’s just not Donna doable. I like eating, food likes me…that’s why it stays with me and I don’t feel I drink enough any more to justify giving it up.160113011657_wm I have however been on a health kick for the past 14mths (more about that another time though) and I’m now 12lbs off where I’d like to be (due to a 5lb Christmas gain….dam you Snowballs…with a dash of vodka…and Baileys….and Celebrations….and M&S puff pastry mince pies). So yeah, I am GOING to disperse of that extra poundage. See that’s doable and if you have it in your head to lose weight this year don’t go in thinking you’re going to lose 3 stone just like that otherwise you’ll trip up, get browned off and like myself, previously, stuff more in your gob! Small steps peeps…small steps.

Spondoolies!! Dollars!! Sterling!! Eurdos ( a la Dublin Hun…..hilarious, check her out)!! Whatever you call them I intend to save more of them. I’m doing the 52 Week Money Challenge.160112105856_wm I made a pretty good stab at it last year, towards an October trip with the girls and managed to save £400 outside of my regular savings. Things slowed down when I hit May…the month when my Ma, my sis, my bro AND two close buds have birthdays!! As I wrote that, I remembered that to top May off this year my bro is getting wedded….jayzus lads I’ll be broke!! Maybe I’ll just make it a 48 week challenge, still I’m feeling confident…I’m already 2 weeks ahead. 😀

Patience. Patience is a virtue. Well I’ve not been feeling very virtuous patience-wise of late. It’s mostly other adults that are the problem though. I feel like I used to be a whole lot better at listening and letting people talk even though I know what’s coming. You know when you’ve just heard it all before and you’re now dancing the same dance. I don’t know if it’s that I’m faced with the same ol’, same ol’ work wise. You know, the same excuses, the same arguments, the same questions…I don’t know if all of my patience flew outta my butt along with my organisational skills when I had Small Monkey…or maybe i am actually getting old. No! NOPE! Scrap that last one…I’ve decided I’m ageless! So yeah, I’m going to (*try) be more patient annnd I’m gonna try get back to being more organised like I was pre-Small Monkey. (Hmm must make sure Cal reads this paragraph.)

So I’ve been writing my blog for 6mths now and I’m still a bit shy, I suppose to call it a blog or say that I write one. I don’t really know how to “promote it” outside of my regular friends without feeling like I’m harassing them, but how do I get people to find me then? Don’t get me wrong, I do have people I don’t know and have never met stopping by to have a look, I even have followers on WordPress!! It’s so exciting. I’m delighted! Maybe people think I’m trying to sell stuff?? I’m not. I write ‘cos I like to and it’s something I’ve always liked doing. The only thing I really want from people is to read my blog. I’d like them to find it interesting and amusing. Maybe it’s because I’m not writing about anything in particular so I’m harder to find? I’m not a beauty or a fashion blog, I’m not a design or travel blog, I’m a little bit of everything…hence Totally Donna Marie! Of course I know a big part of it is there are sooooooo many blogs out there I’m like a grain of rice in the 5kg bag, but I’ll write regardless. This year though, I want to try and get my presentation better and take prettier photos for ye. I also want to become more frequent with my posts as I can be a sporadic. I need a bloody life rota!! Last but not least I’d love to see my blog grow with more readers and interaction. I don’t want numbers for the sake of numbers, I want numbers because those people actually enjoy what I write. So yeah, if you’re reading and you like it or have thoughts you’d like to share…please do. X

160112110057_wmWe’ve lived here 13mths now and our bedroom is still “the moving room”. Every other room got sorted apart from the utility room…that room is also the bain of my life. I just can’t seem to get rid of the piles in the bedroom or I start making new ones ‘cos “tomorrow” I’m just going to attack it all. Well let me tell you Garth Brooks….there is no if….tomorrow definitely does not come in my relation to my room! Not this year though….this year my room will become clutter free! Lord God, I bought a vintage style dressing table in anticipation of the new flat, spent aaaaaages sanding it back and the top of it hasn’t seen the light of day since October 2014!! 160112110234_wmThe same can be said for the vintage writing bureau I bought…It’s been sanded back, I started painting inside the drawers and it now sits lost between the coat racks collecting more crap on top of it!! AAAAAGHHH!!!

Since having Small Monkey and losing my organisation skills, my reading has been slacking, unless you count the “ABC” and “Peppa’s trip to the dinosaur park” type books, then yeah, slacking! I lovvvvve reading and this year I’m making a concerted effort to get back into it. I have done some reading in the last couple of years but mostly books I call light or holiday reads (not that there’s anything wrong with what I’ve read, I’m not a book snob). So to get me into the swing of things, I’m doing the Modern Mrs Darcy’s  2016 Book Challenge. I’ve actually got a pile covering half the checklist ready to roll just sitting here, crying out to be devoured. You should join in…let me know if you do. I love seeing what people are reading and finding new books to add to my “books to read list”.160112105807_wm

*Speaking of reading and organisation…Sharon at Behind Green Eyes is just amazing. Her utilisation of the day is brilliant. As she says, she has the same hours in the day as you or me, but I’m really in awe at how she gets so much done. Sharon you are a Time Utilisation Goddess!!

Ok so my last Achievable for 2016 is knitting!! Knitting is cool again just so you know! People “yarn bomb” these days. Sadly my knitting is nowhere near good enough to yarn bomb or knit jumpers for charity but I am going to knit a Sky Blanket!160112105840_wm Have you heard of these? I learned of it from talk in a Facebook group. It’s a knitted or crocheted blanket made up of 365 squares. Each square is done in the colour of the sky in your area that day. You can obviously make each square as big or as small as you want. I didn’t hear of it until day 7 and at the minute I’m now 12 days behind due to that and lack of supplies but I’ve been making note of the colour of the sky each day. Clickety, click….here I come!!

So there ye go peeps…that’s me done…well I’ve wrote it down, I’ve made it public so I can’t fail now can I? Have you any resolutions or achievables set for yourself this year?


Whether you do or don’t, have a happy, sparkly New Year!

Love Donna x