20150504_014224Oh God! I feel sick…nervous! Why? I’m only introducing myself, what can go wrong? I could sound like an idiot…I might spell something wrong and forget to correct it…worse I could sound BORING!! Oh feck it. Just go for it…YOLO ‘n’ all that!…

Welcome, welcome come in, hi, my name’s Donna. I’ve been living in London 15 years now (OMG!!! 15!!!) via a little village, smack bang in the middle of Ireland. I’m married to a little English boy and we have a nearly 2 year old monkey. I sell beds,  now part-time for a living, yes, I know…it’s not cool, it’s not sexy and I certainly didn’t grow up wanting to do it BUT it pay the bills (mostly…or helps) and my colleagues are the best. Emm, ooh I like shoes and wearing fun things on my head.

Sooooo….what is my blog about….hmm well…It’s about everything, the ins ‘n’ outs of my life, fun things myself and small monkey get up to, pretty things I see and feel need to be shared, my DIY projects, healthy eating (I try) and maybe a dash of “fashion”……I say that loosely, I am by no means a fashion guru.So yeah, that’s it. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting, amusing and maybe even useful. The opinions you find throughout are all my own, reviewed items are all purchased by me and pictures used are all me, me, me too!!

Stay a while, look around, enjoy and hey….leave a comment.IMG_20150315_221909

Donna x

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