I’m a Mammy & I can’t live without….

Given time I could probably list a lot more things I can’t live without, ya know now that I’m a Mammy….nights out…with straightened hair…wearing ridiculous shoes…drinking alcoholic drinks…sorry I digress. This post is about Mammy related things that I reeeally appreciate exist!

So here we go;

  1. The Premium Quality Bottle Brush from Poundland. Yep! Poundland! We gratefully received a Tommee Tippee steriliser set (turns out our son is not a boob guy!) as a gift, which was brilliant.HOWEVER, I dreaded the bottle brush supplied. The shape of it wouldn’t fit into the teeth to clean it and the weird, ridged, rubber bit that was supposed to be for teeth cleaning did nowt! I finally found this old school style one in Poundland…thank the Gods! The sponge really helps get around the bottom of the bottle and it’s got an extendable mini brush for teeth cleaning. Yay!!!151114123230_wm
  2. Ok so once I’d decided Small Monkey was hardened enough be able to cope with everyday germs, I packed up my steriliser and washed his bottles in the sink. Lord God, it would drive me nuts having the bottles standing on the 151114124259_wmdraining board drying (for aaaaages). All you had to do was look at them and they’d fall over, until I seen a friends Poundland bottle drying rack. Of course they had none when I went looking for one so I ended up buying the Munchkin Bottle Rack. THE BEST £7.50 I EVER SPENT!! HAH!! In yo’ face bottles!151114124341_wm
  3. L’oreal Kids Tangle Tamer….I lovvvvve yoooooou!! Small Monkey has gorgeous curly hair but at night a small bird, or maybe a fieldmouse comes in and creates a snuggley nest in the back of it. One or two squirts of my trusty tangle tamer and a little comb through and a ruffle and it’s curl city again. You can use the spray in damp or dry hair and it’s non greasy too. Be warned though, your child may not appreciate having to sit there an extra few minutes while you sniff their head…the spray is pear scented and smells amazing! You’re welcome!151114123909_wm
  4. Dry shampoo. I will admit, pre-baby I used to think people who used this were maybe a little bit lazy…just wash your hair like!! However, I’ll now apologise, these people surely have kids and time is of the essence. I am now the proud owner of a larrrrge can of Batiste Dry Shampoo. It’s just so handy for when I’ve gone to bed at night, saying I’ll get up early and wash me hair then I don’t and my hair looks like poop. Just spray it on the problem area, “ruffle” it in, brush ‘n’ go.151114123753_wm
  5. Mugshots! Pasta in a mug, pour boiling water on, wait a couple of minutes, eat! Quick, easy, handy food, great for busy Mammy’s or Daddy’s in a hurry. I know it’s not ideal but sometimes there is just no time for eating yourself.151114123720_wm
  6. Mini raisin packets. A good healthy, snack or bribe for when you’re out and about. I have packets of these in nearly every bag, Small Monkey is a big fan and at least I know he’s getting some of his 5 a day down him.151114123612_wm
  7. Mini Magnetic scribbler. OMG!!! Thank God for this little piece of plastic (although it is also the cause of many a row, even between older kids). It’s also a great bribe tool for luring Small Monkey into the buggy when we’re needing to get somewhere quick.
  8. 151114123028_wm
    These cups are also available in Superdrug & Asda

    Munchkin Non-Spill Cup. I only discovered this a couple of months ago and it’s brilliant. I bought it mainly for when we’re out and about as it doesn’t leak all over my bag. I went through loads of “pop-up straw” type ones but they all ended up leaking, plus I was a bit concerned Small Monkey would get lazy when it came to using a regular cup. I’m not going to tell you how it works as it’s funny trying to figure it out (hubby threw out the packaging before I could read it), but I will say, I nearly lost the head half way down the Old Kent Rd one day when little man was looking for a drink and this fecking cup wouldn’t work!

  9. Lidl Wetsuit & Wellies. A friend of mine has twin boys, a similar age to Small 151114124810_wmMonkey, and staying in because of the rain (within reason) is sometimes not an option, so she has a supply of wetsuits and wellies for them. Inspired by this I went in search of one for my little sausage and lo, Lidl answered my call. The smallest sizes I could see available in the wetsuits was from one & a half upwards, the wellies a size 7, both came in various colours and the wellies light up. You can get a trouser bottom or a dungaree to match the jacket, I chose the dungaree, which have adjustable soldier straps, with two fasteners on the waist area to tighten it slightly. There’s also an elasticated strap to go under the foot to hold them in place. Both the coats and the bottoms have elasticated sleeves and ankles and are fleece lined. The boots are also fleece lined. The suit itself has a cute car print on it and reflective strips, I have to say I really am delighted with this purchase and I think Small Monkey is too. He knows I won’t give him grief if he jumps in puddles wearing this get-up annnnd his boots light up! When I bought mine the jackets and coats were £8 each or two items for £14. The wellies were £7. (They had some in my local store again today so go check your local out).
  10. Mattress protectors. By day I sell beds so I can tell you having a mattress protector on your bed should be as normal as having a sheet on it for various reasons. Last week though, my poor baba had a vomiting bug, and although I did have to change the beds (mine twice, his once) my waterproof mattress protectors saved the puke seeping into our mattresses. FYI…it’s always useful to have more than one mattress protector.

So there ya go now, I hope you found some usefulness in this post and please do feel free to share your “lifesaving” bits ‘n’ pieces with me too.

Love Donna xx


Sooo I’ve been needing to get my roots/hair done for a couple of months now, crunch time came when I ran late for work due to spending far to long pulling out visible grey hairs. Why do they stand straight up like little antennas glinting in the sun?? And, yes…I know…I pull one out, 7 million grow back, but I deal with the here and now, and here and now I can’t deal with looking at them. Due to various bits and pieces cropping up I couldn’t afford the £85 price tag I normally pay…cue the Home High Lighting Kit!!

I popped into Superdrug and had a nose through their selection. So many options, so many colours…oooh bright pink…ah ah aaah!! No Donna, not for you! I can count on one hand how many times I’ve home dyed my hair, so I go for the simplest looking option, L’Oreal’s I’m a Bronde Brush-On Balayage.20150811_223235_wm (1) Ooooh sounds posh and if it’s good enough for Jen it’s good enough pour moi! (Seriously though, can you really see her sitting in on a Saturday night with Eva combing high lights through her hair over a glass of lambrini?? C’mon!!!)

My boys are in bed, I hit the bathroom. Put on gloves, mix powder, shake well…blah blah. Easy peasy! I part my hair as instructed and start combing on the mixture, handy enough…”I’m bringing sexy back, those other f**kers don’t know how to act”…yeah baby!! Greys be gone!! So anywho, it’s simple enough, you just pull the comb, with the dye on through your hair, keeping it vertical. You really can’t get any easier unless…unless you are ME!!! I looked in the mirror and thought, hmm, doesn’t look as if there’s enough dye on there, so not realising the outcome I go round again.(BIG MISTAKE NUMERO UNO!!) I potter off to let the dye do it’s thing, but did I bother to note the time? Hah! Not a bit!! (BIG MISTAKE DOS!!!) Jayzus boys!! When I go back and look in the mirror I can easily see my hair’s dyed. Washed it out anyway…hmm…fairly blonde…lemme dry and straighten it.

OH GOOD JEEZUS!! All I can see is yellow! It’s yellow! I dyed my jayzus hair yellow!! Shades of yellow!! My roots are shorter but now seem extra dark, as do my eyebrows! Oh Lord God!! My face looks paler…fecking hellfire, how can I fix it?20150809_083810_wm Google? Google? Seems the easiest and most reliable answer is going to a salon!! Thanks Google! Seriously according to the box it should’ve been lighter…more delicate highlights…I’ve created a solid block…oh my God…I think I’ve actually got a “white blonde” stripe!!! Myself and Jen can never be twins now!!!

not twins!!
not twins!!

Next morning, I take another look, Lord God the top is dreadful. I’ve been Snapchatting me buds and they’re all saying it’s not so bad but all I can see is YELLOW!! Ugh! The best I can do is try and style it to hide the top…or distract from it. Hello 50’s style hair do’s! How long I can keep the effort of getting up to coiffure my hair in the mornings remains to be seen…but here we go…IMG_20150810_095935IMG_20150810_093414_wm

attempting a victory roll...eek!
attempting a victory roll…eek!

Things I learned from this…

1)This was a HIGH LIGHTING kit…think about those words in hair dressing terms before attempting again.

2) Note the bloody time!

3)Now I know why I suffer the £85 price tag to not feck up my hair!

PS In fairness, I’d really need to give this kit another go, following the instructions properly before actually reviewing it.

Donna xx

*Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back lyrics from YouTube*

Dove Dry Oil for hair review

Hey everyone! I’m sorry for the quietness. I’ve been busy upcycling, trawling through ebay for “George Pig” party bargains and hubby is now on two weeks holiday, which means catching up on episodes S.H.I.E.L.D, Arrow and my most fav boys Dean & Sam in Supernatural. ❤

So anywho…a little while ago I won a Product of The Year goodie hamper from Netmums. Soooo exciting, I never win ANYTHING!!! There was loads of great bits in it and stuff I’ve never used before…out pops Dove Dry Oil. Now my hair bugs 20150624_013119the life outta me, it’s frizzy, it’s thin, it’s going silver….SILVER I said…not grey….cheeky so ‘n’ so…with what I’m sure is a “Lily Munster” style stripe developing over my right eye…*sigh*.

Lord God, I’m some woman for going off point eh…..Right so for the past couple of months I’ve been using the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil and I love it. Firstly, it’s £9.99 in Superdrugs but it’s very long lasting as you only need a few drops at a time. It’s suitable for all hair types so thats brilliant too.I really like the packaging, it’s sleek and simple. The bottle itself  is glass and a classic shape, I feel like such a grown up when it’s in my hand. As I said, when applying to (clean) damp hair, you only need a few drops….I use three. You just apply it from the mid length to the ends of your hair using your fingers. It makes my hair glisten like gold. Then just style your hair as normal. My hair definitely feels softer and the ends less frizzy…now I just need to tame my frizzy roots!

P.S  I like it so much, when I seen it half price in Superdrugs I bought another for a give away on my Fb page so pop over and have a look x

Cocoa Brown Tan review

Hey guys! Sooo I’m not really a beauty blogger, but I did say if I found something I liked and thought you should know about, that I’d tell you.

So I was whinging about being so white and feeling it was necessary to wear tights if I was going out out, ya know. When lo…I came across an Instagram by fellow blogger Bebhinn at A Judge Less Life, about Cocoa Brown Tan. Short story shorter, she recommended it.

I picked up the Cocoa Brown Ihr Mousse and Lovely Legs back home for €9.99. I haven’t tried the Lovely Legs yet so this review is only on the mousse.20150601_005557 (1)

In preparation for my first attempt at self tanning, I had a shower and body scrub that morning, at about 9.00 that night I had another shower and went about applying the tan. I followed Marissa’s tan tips and painted my toe and fingernails beforehand, and rubbed some moisturiser onto my knees, elbows, ankles and heels…well basically anywhere that any tan seems to cling like a limpet to. I used a Superdrug tanning mitt to apply the mousse. The 1hr Tan Mousse is lovely, there’s no smell and it goes on really well and dries really quick. You can easily see where you’ve applied it to. I gave it a few minutes and got into me pjs. Marissa says for a lighter tan wait one hour, a darker tan, wait 3hrs. I figured with the repellency of my legs I may as well give it the longer. So I  spent the next three hours farting about with my hair and ruining my nails. 3hrs gone, I jump in the shower and rinse off. Hmm, my sister said I still looked white. I have to say I wasn’t convinced it had worked but the next day my hands looked lovely and golden. 🙂 The tan does continue to develop once rinsed off anyway and I think by the end of the next day I could definitely see the difference on my forearms and feet.

To give it a fairer go though and for myself and you guys, I decided last week to tan half of my body. I mean who’s gonna notice…it’s not shorts weather yet boys! So for 3 out of 4 nights last week I body scrubbed with each shower, (as suggested on the back of the mousse tin) and on the 5th night I applied the tan as before. Unfortunately though, I fell asleep before rinsing it off, so I actually slept in it. (Ok…Ok…when I say I “fell asleep” in it, I baked a cheesecake, watched a movie, then it was 2.00 and I couldn’t drag myself back into the shower.) Saturday morning though, I hopped into the shower, rinsed off…moisturised and ta daaaaah!! I could definitely see the difference this time. It’s Sunday evening now and I think it actually looks as good now as it did Saturday so I’m very happy with it. I dread the tops of my arms, but with a hint of bottled sunshine I’m definitely happier to let them out without a cardi!

Arms and tum
Arms and tum
This is fresh out of the shower Saturday morn x
This is fresh out of the shower Saturday morn x

Result: Cocoa Brown recommended. Hope that helps. xx